Solvex and Oil Mill

Extraction of oil from rice bran using food-grade Hexane (C6H14) as a solvent is the most efficient and reliable technique. We, at A.P. Refinery, have a modern and efficient continuous process solvent plant, capable of processing 400 tonnes of rice bran. It can also process an equivalent amount of other oilmeals. The complete automated plant only requires minor human monitoring. We also have an Oil Mill, comprising of multiple expellers, and can crush over 80 tonnes of oilseeds per day.

The solvent plant and oil mill is directly connected to the refining unit through pipelines to enable immediate refining of extracted oil. The extracted oil can also be stored in any one of our storage tanks; we have a storage capacity of over 6,000 tonnes, and many different grades/types oil can be stored at the same time.