RBO Refining Process

Producing good quality edible oil from Rice Bran is one of the most difficult amongst all edible oils. The raw material (rice bran) needs to be processed immediately after it is milled in rice mills; otherwise the amount of Free Fatty Acids (FFA) in the oil starts rising. The following chart shows the relationship between ‘time after milling’ and ‘FFA content’ in rice bran:

(Orthoefer, F. T. (2005). Rice Bran Oil. Bailey’s Industrial Oil and Fat Products, Sixth Edition, 465-489.)

RBO is extracted from bran using Solvent extraction (food-grade Hexane is used as a solvent). After extraction, the process of refining this crude oil into nutrient-rich and healthy edible oil requires a highly controlled and tightly monitored environment. This is because of presence of very high amounts of by-products like gums, waxes and free fatty acids in crude RBO. Various steps involved in refining the crude rice bran oil are given in the flowchart below: